Building Maintenance and Operation

Building Maintenance and Operation is the units that provides ongoing maintenance and operations support for existing buildings, grounds and facilities throughout Campus. This maintenance team is divided into two units and each units need to work closely to ensure that the University's facilities is running smoothly every day. 

Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) Support Unit

M & E Support Unit is responsible to identify and carry out necessary corrective and preventive maintenance for University's mechanical and electrical facilities/systems such as:

i) Maintenance, Trouble-shooting and Upgrading of:

  •    All types of Air-Conditioning Systems
  •    General Electrical Items, not inclusive of Lab Equipment
  •    Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm System
  •    Building Management System
  •    Telephone System

ii) Assist Physical Support Team whenever necessary

Physical Support Unit

Physical Support Unit is responsible to identify and carry out necessary corrective     and preventive maintenance for University's physical facilities such as:

i) Maintenance, Trouble-Shooting and Upgrading of:

  • Plumbing Works
  • Sewerage Works

ii) Planning and Implementation of Painting Works

iii) Maintenance of Road and Drainage

iv) Assists in Events, Examination and Classroom Arrangements

v) Assist M & E Support Team whenever necessary