Requesting Services

Besides carrying out maintenance works, DEF-SL has a well established system to cater to the various requests and complaints made by the Campus residents regarding building and building services.

Requests and complaints can be made via:

  • Online Service Request
  • E-mail
  • Telephone Call to the Helpdesk

Request Services:

Emergency Repairs:

Call 03-9086 0288 ext 890

Emergency (Priority 1) Response Time: within 24 hours

Click to Submit:

DEF Service Request

Service Request Types:

Urgent (Priority 2): Response Time within 5 days

Routine (Priority 3): Response Time within 14 days

Emergency Service Request

Telephone Call to the Helpdesk

What is an Emergency Service Request?

Urgent Service Request

DEF Service Request

What is an Urgent Service Request?

Routine Service Request

DEF Service Request

What is a Routine Service Request?